• Street baseline setup
  • Fork Service
  • Shock Service
  • Revalve and Respring
  • Fork/Shock Dynamometer Testing
  • Custom Applications
  • Track Side Services
  • Ohlins/K-Tech/Nitron/Penske/Elka/OEM

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Proper suspension tuning will inspire a rider to push to the limit. The absence of feel, grip, and turning can seriously affect a rider's confidence for a given weekend or even an entire season.

Suspension components, even with their high level of importance, are often neglected. Suspension fluids will break down and seals will wear over time causing a degradation of the suspension's effectiveness. This degradation often goes unnoticed and leaves the rider wondering where the lap times have gone. Most suspension manufacturers recommend fluid change intervals typically at 15 hours of race use (3-4 events). When is the last time you had your suspension serviced?

Our Ohlins trained technician can elevate your suspension components to their intended performance level allowing you to ride with confidence at every event.