• Supersport and Superbike builds for all modern sportbikes
  • Overbore and Custom Applications
  • OEM Rebuilds
  • Cylinder Head Milling and Porting
  • CNC Combustion Chamber Profiling
  • SERDI Valve Job
  • Crankshaft Service
  • Performance Clutch Tuning
  • Transmission Services

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Being in the racing trenches and developing engines for national winning race teams yields a priceless amount of information and experience. No amount of scientific theory can replace the empirical data obtained from actual racing.

At Attack Performance, we have been doing just that - at the highest levels of racing - for more than twenty years. Every new model and race weekend is another opportunity for us to learn.

We incorporate that knowledge and experience into our racing engine services.

Our R&D investments pay off as savings for our customers and a shortcut to fast, reliable racing engines.