Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning
  • Custom Fuel Mapping (each throttle position and RPM)
  • Individual cylinder tuning
  • OEM ECU flashing/tuning
  • Aftermarket tuning modules (Dynojet, Bazzaz, Etc.)
  • Kit ECU
  • Motec / Magnetti Marelli
  • Reverse Torque - Engine braking throttle MAP
  • Reverse torque - clutch slip settings

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Get the most out of your aftermarket parts with a proper custom fuel map. Whether it's a Power Commander piggy back, flashed OEM, or a stand-alone ECU, we can tune the perfect map for your particular bike setup.

Dyno tuning is essential for maximizing the performance of any engine. OEM ECUs are not tuned for optimum power but instead for fuel efficiency and emissions. Every engine modification, internal or external, will affect the intake air volume and will require an appropriate fuel volume adjustment. Even an aftermarket air filter, exhaust system, or cam timing adjustment will affect the intake air flow. Downloading a MAP from the web is just rolling the dice. They are often specific to a certain motorcycle setup, fuel type, and environment.

At Attack Performance, we take pride in not only achieving peak power but also the proper mixture at part and on-off throttle positions. On-off throttle smoothness is essential for controlling the power delivery at the most critical times such as full lean angle. Proper lambda (fuel air ratio) for peak power and rideability are all achieved on the dyno giving the rider the confidence to push 100%.