• Proper Geometry Set Up
  • Computer Chassis Simulation
  • Race Ergonomics
  • Race Prep
  • Performance Bolt Ons
  • Quick Wheel Change
  • Quick Engine R/R
  • Fabrication

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Chassis preparation is critical for any road race machine. Not enough importance is generally given to the preparation of this critical component. A properly prepared chassis with good geometry settings will give the rider the confidence to ride at 100%.

At Attack Performance we have set up many championship winning chassis along with designing, manufacturing, and building our own MotoGP machine. We utilize chassis simulation software to find critical dimensions such as Rake, Trail, Wheel Forces, and Linkage Ratios, just to name a few. Those tools combined with our decades of racing eliminates the guesswork from chassis setup. Whether you are on the street or track, we can help you bring your chassis to the highest standards of performance.